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Mobile first, responsive websites

More than half of online traffic comes from mobile devices. A top tier mobile experience keeps people engaged with your brand.

SEO Strategy and Content

A strong search presence brings more client and more revenue. We'll work together to develoop and implement the best SEO strategy for your brand.

Post-launch support

Your success is my top priority. I'll make sure you're completely comfortable incorportaing your new site into your day-to-day.


About me

I'm a freelance web developer with a background in digital marketing and entrepreneurship. In the 2010's I worked with Vancouver's beloved Big Star Sandwich Co. as Director of Operations. When Liam Neeson visited our flagship shop, I spearheaded a PR campaign that brought our brand to the front page of the internet, solidifying my passion for digital marketing and the tech space. In 2019, my former boss and I exited the company to cofound Avocajoe Brands, where I currently serve as Director of Marketing. Working extensively with martech platforms has shown me the importance of the perfect software can make or break a project, so I decided to start developing my ideal tech stack. Now I split my time between Avocajoe and freelance consulting and development. I'm passionate about sharing my experience and leveraging my skills to help clients achieve their career and business goals.

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